FBSE Testimonials

‘FBSE will take time to look at all the angles and find a way to say yes’

The role of FBSE to provide relatively small developers with adequate funding , following the property crash of 2008/9 and the virtual demise of High Street Banking property loans, was key to FBSE’s success in recent years.

FBSE became one of our major providers from early 2013 with a refreshing and progressive attitude and ability to make quick and sound decisions with limited red tape delays.

Their CEO Dorian Nineberg brought a lot of property development experience to the table together with his small but dynamic support team at Regent House – did what no other Senior Debt provider offered us including:-

  • Not restricting themselves to London and the South East but happy to look beyond this “ security blanket” areas to create improved returns for both the Developers and funders
  • Adopting a hands-on speedy process of loan application, by relying on information given to them, by reliable Brokers/Developers, while always requiring full appraisal and understanding of the projects and insisting on independent professional reports
  • FBSE could take a view on certain planning issues and also look at the possibility of doing development JV’s on purchased developments which made our developments funded by them in Shropshire work where no other funder could see the potential of this approach.

Michael Hess - Calmez Property Development Funders